I forgot to mention, today marks my fifth year with Apple. Thanks for all the amazing memories and the good times. #crazyone #applelife #applestore


HEY. I’LL BE AT ROSE CITY COMIC CON THIS WEEKEND, Table F-13! I’ll have the last 50 Spoonsiaries, stickers, buttons, all KINDS of stuff, and of course I’ll be doing sketches for tips all weekend.

It’ll be my first time in Portland, I am so excited! SEE YOU THERE, FRIENDS

I know I’m tabling at Rose City, but now I have to say hi to Abby and talk dinosaurs with her.

Well I see the line started already.

One of my favorite iOS 8 features. Sky Guide showing rising and setting celestial bodies.


All the officially described genus of Tyrannosauridea, with the exception
of Tyrannosaurus rex are grouped in this compilation.

Other tyrannosaurid genus have been described like Bagaraatan but they are either too fragmentary
or too dubious and so I deviced not to include them.

But this is not the last you will see of this paleo-portrait series, I assure you.

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Hey! Portland area folks! Are you going to be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend? (You should be. It’s fun!)

Come visit Kathleen and Andrew (Manifold Destiny) and Vince (The Story of Boy and Terrence Marmalade (A Unicorn)) and Tiff!

We make cool things and are totally fun to talk to. 

Reblarbing. Come visit us. 






…Horse dragon?

Oh yeah.

Dayum, that painting is beautiful. Is that a Csotonyi piece?

It is indeed. Csotonyi is a genius.

The painting and that find are both incredible!

Be on the lookout for Terrence Marmalade at Rose City Comic Con! Thanks for the stickers @stickerapp! #terrencemarmalade #coniferouscomics #comics


Terry Gilliam, the man who brought us Brazil, returns to his surreal futuristic side with Zero Theorem.

Buy it or rent it on Vimeo On Demand



Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus. Both are synapsids, neither are dinosaurs.
At the University of Texas, Austin (utaustin)’s Texas Memorial Museum.

… those neural spines.

Dimetrodon is a walking derp-face.

I will never cease to be fascinated by this fact. More closely related to us and all mammals than any dinosaur.