weirdly relevant to the question I answered yesterday.

Just repeat to yourself “This isn’t the Olympics, it’s an industry” and go make those comics!!!!!!!!!

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Tuseday night was the 4 year anniversary of Woo Hoo!: Classic Simpsons Trivia in Toronto! (Global Trivia Groups)

Here’s the third and last batch of photos from the night featuring some of the awesome dioramas from Diorama-rama night including mine (on top) and the winner (the bottom). 

Am I the only one disappointed that no one brought Star Wars action figures in a box?

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this is a comic about how hard is to be a Black Hole

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Drew Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette for the Hero Initiative’s Wake Up and Draw challenge today. I know she’s not a Kirby character, but I just have so much fun drawing her!


"we can no longer protect you forever."
by Daniel Danger
24x36” five color screenprint.

Thursday 8/21/14: im posting this new print on tumblr, twitter, and instagram. reblog, retweet, or instagram this image with the title and #danieldanger and i, through some very scientific means, will pick one random follower who does this from each service on monday and send them a personalized copy for free. sound good? cool. shameless? yes.

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Ice skate derby Flavie! I don’t know if it exists (I hope it does) and as far as I’m concerned, this isn’t canon, but what the hell :)

While I’m on the subject, my book “Hiver nucléaire” will launch in three weeks, on September 11! Fellow Montrealers, come get your copy (in french) if you can! The even is here!

Short track speed skating would probably be closest to roller derby on ice.



Haha Antonio

LAWLZ Antonio

Dat Mads.



I read Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” this summer, and It completely got me back into reading. 

This is my interpretation of one of the “Hunger Birds,” the willfully aggressiveworld devouring varmints. When something is out of hand, or out of place, they devour.

They are the Cleaners. 

The image of them was so clear to me, that I couldn’t help but try to put it on paper. 

I also read that Focus Features will be adapting this story into a film that will be produced by Tom hanks and directed by Joe Wright. I would very much love to be a part of that. 


This is so beautiful, and so much like the Hunger Birds inside of my head.

Looks like the scary stories to tell in the dark illustrations. This is fantastic.

scary stories


Love the look on the ref’s face.

I miss derby some days.

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Tippi and Boone chilling out earlier. They may be little shits sometimes, but I gotta love ‘em. #dogstagram #pitbull #rosecitypitties